Morro Bay Harbor Cruise and Avila beach

We had to leave Greg behind… but he took a nap

At the end of this day, I called Austin and let him know that if I could design a perfect day- this day would have been it. The only thing I would change would be to have Austin be there with me!  Aunt Net the Great found a reasonably priced harbor cruise through Morro Bay harbor and we jumped at the chance to take Landon on a boat. I bought tickets beforehand, but then Greg surprised us and came home in time to go with us. He had driven through the night to get to our house in time, though, so he took a nap on the dock because they did not have room on the boat.

Parents on the cruise

Morro Rock- we saw lots of boats too!

Landon and the life jacket

Getting ready to go!

Lando the lookout

On this boat you could go down below and watch fish through the glass.
Landon listened to some other boys talking about a shark and though maybe a shark would come
eat him…

Sea otters with babies!

Contemplative baby

Aunt Claire making sure Landon didn’t fall overboard

The sea lion platform- Landon liked watching them fight!

Landon loved going on the boat! I thought he would have an issue with wearing the life jacket, but he didn’t and just loved the wind blowing in his face. We stayed on deck to watch the sea lions and sea otters, and then went down below to see the little fish schools that were further out in the harbor. It was a pretty small boat- only 21 people allowed at a time, but it was a perfect little 45 minute ride for Landon.

Landon’s sand fort
See all the little heads in the wave? We are bodysurfing.

After the boat ride, I purchased some salt water taffy- which is a must when in Morro Bay and we went down to Avila Beach. Before going to the beach, we went to our favorite apple farm- Gopher Glen- to buy some fresh apples. Apples from apple farms are one of my favorite things!

Flying with Grandpa!
Enjoying the water

We got to the beach and Greg, my mom and aunt played with Landon on the beach while my dad, sister Claire, and I went bodysurfing. We had wet suits, but almost didn’t need them because it was in the 90s there, and the water temperature was in the 60s. The waves were big, but straightforward and fun like it always is at Avila. No crazy scary waves like southern CA, although there was an abundance of seaweed due to the storms.

Landon has been having some issues with being scared of the waves. When we first got to the beach, he would not even go down to the water. By the end, Uncle Greg and Grandpa got him to go jump over the waves. That turned into tossing him into the air. I think he enjoyed that. It seems that every time we go to the beach, though, we have to start over because he is scared of the waves all over again.


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