California’s Central Coast- Happiest Place on Earth!

Playing car wash with all of grandpa’s cars!

After spending quality time with Austin’s family, Landon and I went on to California to spend some time with my side of the family. Austin drove back to Chicago to report back at work, although our assignment to Singapore was canceled and we don’t know where we are going next.

Playing tunnel with Grandma on the trampoline!
Playing with grandma

Eating spaghetti
Anyway, there is just something magical about coming home to the place you grew up. I have been living in other states since 2005, and I know it has made me more appreciative of the mudhole of Atascadero. I remember being a freshman in college and just wanting to escape from the small town and go as far away as possible. For me, that was Utah. Now I want to stay forever (if only my husband were with me.)
Aunt Claire and the trampoline

Landon also enjoyed California. He jumped and ran on the trampoline with Aunt Claire, fed and petted Aunt Net the Great’s chickens and goats, and swam in the pool. My parents dusted the cobwebs off of some push vehicles and Landon had a blast sitting on them and pushing around the house and the yard. He got filthy dirty every day playing in the dirt and eating delicious food, and then took a bath, went to bed in his own room and big boy bed and did it all over again the next day. Many days he opted not to wear pants when we were at home, which is fine when he has a whole house to roam around and a big backyard!

The weather was awesome the whole time we were there. The central part of California is in desperate need of rain, so I know everyone else probably was annoyed by cloudless skies and bright sunshine, but I loved it. After living in Seoul for a few  months and coming back to Chicago, it was so nice to be in a small town and be able to take walks along roads and see maybe a dozen cars the whole time. 
Aunt Net the Great took us on a date for my birthday to Firestone’s grill and shopping for some new clothes. I got two great traveling essentials- a really soft ombre t-shirt and an awesome sleeved maxi dress. I finally got my steak sandwich I had been craving since May! Afterwards we walked down to the creek in downtown SLO and took Landon to the Children’s Museum. He had a fun time especially riding the motorcycle, pretending to be a fireman, and playing with the train set upstairs. If we had a home, we would definitely have a train table and I’m sure Landon would spend hours playing with it every day!
Fun Uncle Greg

Uncle Greg (my little brother) came to visit and register his shiny car while we were visiting. Landon and Greg had so much fun together! After growing up with 4 sisters, I think Greg is so happy that he finally has another boy to hang out with around the house. He is so great with kids! Uncle Greg became the coolest uncle ever (although he will be my children’s only biological uncle) when he got Landon and I a Sphero for our birthdays. It is basically a remote control ball that is controlled by smart phone. It is a fun toy for getting wiggles out in the hotel!

We had many adventures in Atascadero but I will do those in separate posts. I love visiting family and eating familiar food and having a kitchen. I am also so appreciative to Austin’s parents and my parents for opening up their homes for weeks at a time. Landon knows all of his grandparents and aunts and uncles now, and remembers things that they did together, so I’m glad we took the time to travel out and visit everyone at this point in his development.


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