Nexen Heroes Baseball game- Mokdong Stadium, Seoul

Another member of Austin’s crew has been released, with leaves him with a better schedule now and we know we will be here at least a week or two longer. Mixed emotions- I want to go visit family, but there are still things that need exploring here in Seoul, so I’m good with that.

Mokdong Stadium

Yesterday, we heard that someone was leaving, they just weren’t sure who yet. So we went to a baseball game in case it was our last time we could here. The weather was a little warm, but with the sun going down it became very pleasant! The Nexen Heroes are 2nd in the Korean League this year, so the stadium was packed with fans from both teams and it was a very fun time!

This time we had to sit way out on the 3rd base line. How the batters were hitting made it so we saw many plays and even a few home runs go way out of the park. Landon had to take breaks and several times said he needed to nap, but overall he did great and as he got more tired he was more content to sit with Austin or I.

The people sitting around us were all saints. Landon full on lobbed my phone at a lady in the row below, and received a good time out for that one, but she just moved seats and was very gracious about it. The people sitting next to us fed Landon a fried chicken drumstick and a bag of french fries. There were several young couples sitting behind us that lent Landon fans to play with, and sometimes even held him for awhile.

Landon with the thunderstick he stole from someone
Landon in his new Nexen Heroes hat

The guy sitting directly behind us took the cake, though. While I was out walking the halls with Landon in the stroller trying to get him to fall asleep, he went down to the apparel shop and bought Landon a Nexen Heroes hat. His explanation was so cute and I was at a loss of what to say or do. He said, “Excuse me, your son is so cute, I just had to buy him a present. Here is a Nexen Heroes hat. This was the smallest size, maybe in a few years you can pass it down to him when it fits him.” I tried it on and it is a little big, but Landon loves wearing it! Every time I think the last kind, giving Korean has topped them all, another one comes along and just blows me away. It has to be a whole different way of thinking. It makes me ponder what I do and think, and how I can be more kind to others, and generous with snacks and resources.

Austin said the quality of pitching was better. I saw a few fielding errors, but I’m not that well-versed in baseball stuff so I wouldn’t really know. We just all had fun at the baseball game!

Landon with the Hero! Even thought it doesn’t look like it, Landon really
liked the Hero and watched him as he made his rounds around the stadium

The teams seemed to do a 6th inning stretch instead of 7th, so Austin sang a solo version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!” With Landon as moral support in the middle of the 7th inning

By the time we left, it was almost 10:00 and the score was 12 to 3, Nexen winning. We decided to call it an evening partially because we had a half hour train ride home as well and it was way past Landon’s bed time. 

The crowd

While we were walking to the game, I noticed this funny sculpture outside of a building across the street. It is a knee. I am guessing it is in front of a knee hospital or medical clinic of some sort. I had to get a picture with it, although it was a day too late for the PT post!

2 thoughts on “Nexen Heroes Baseball game- Mokdong Stadium, Seoul

  1. The part about the man giving Landon the hat- that is why I love traveling/living outside of the US and my comfort zone. You interact with people who help you view the world differently. Everywhere we went in Asia, people were so friendly and kind to us. I'm glad they love Landon! Also, sweet sculpture!


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