Seoul Children’s Grand Park

Austin’s rice dumplings in a very spicy sauce

Austin had Monday off of work so we ventured across Seoul to Children’s Grand Park. It is almost as far away from our hotel as we can get in Seoul- about an hour on 2 different trains. Although the journey was long, Landon took his nap during the end of the train ride and through lunch, so Austin and I had a grand time sitting in the park enjoying our lunches.

After Landon woke up, we wandered around the park a bit and found a group of play structures. There was an entire play structure that was handicapped accessible, as well as 3 or 4 others that were really cool! Landon like playing in the giant pink house and was challenged by going across a rickety wooden bridge with mom!

Next we visited the zoo. It was a free zoo, as well as a free park. Landon is finally old enough to really appreciate going to the zoo, and I think he had a lot of fun. The first area we visited in the zoo was the “Ferocious Animals” section. They had lots of African cats and dogs, as well as cougars! Many of the animals were napping because it was a hot and humid day, but I just had to get a picture of the Cougars!!

Most zoos I have been to have the lions and tigers far away from you with moats around the pens, or something. Here, there was nothing between you and the tiger except some scratched up plexiglass. Even better, the big cats (lions and tigers) were taking naps really close to the glass. Pretty sure Austin and I thought it was cooler than Landon. He was obsessed with what he called a golf cart- but was really a safari car. He kept wanting to drive the car, but there was a big bear in the way.

Golf cart!

The lion was taking a nap

After the cats and dogs it was time for the monkeys! There were several babies and we loved watching them.

I used my experience with farm animals to lure a miniature horse over so Landon could pet it. He thought that was pretty cool because he just got a stuffed horse and is into horses right now. He also noticed the horse poop and thought that was pretty funny. Such a boy.

This little guy posed for me

The river otters were adorable. I wanted to take one home. This is the only time I’ve ever seen river otters actually swimming around and playing, but they were fun to watch. Landon liked to walk along the rocks outside the otter exhibit.

After the zoo, we made our way to the water playground that I had researched and looked amazing. Unfortunately, they were cleaning it, so kids were playing with some water spigots on the side, but no splash pad and no water going down the rocks in the river part. Disappointing to say the least. Landon looked cute and got some cakes and played with some of the kids’ toys there, but we left when we realized they weren’t going to turn the water back on. 

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