Farewell to Jeju

Our last night on Jeju I had a hankering for cooked fish. The boardwalk and harbor were very close to our guesthouse, so we wandered over that way to find some broiled/grilled/otherwise cooked fish. We only had pictures to go on as most of the restaurant owners did not speak English. We found one that looked like it had cooked fish and ended up having a delicious dinner. We got a fish that they sliced in half, rubbed some salt and other spices in the middle, and then broiled it. The skin on the outside was wonderful and crispy and the fish itself tasted great. There were also some interesting sides that we tried and enjoyed. They had the customary kimchi, but also an edible seaweed kimchi that was really tasty. Along with that there were these sheets of fresh seaweed that you could dip in a spicy sauce, and a soy sauce mixture that we dipped the fish in. We ordered rice for Landon and the ladies at the restaurant chided us for giving him balls of rice because it was so sticky and messy. They brought over some dried seaweed (the thin kind used for sushi) and had us roll up the rice in the seaweed paper and then give it to him. It was much less messy but I’m not sure how much Landon liked it vs. rice by itself. We found about 5 of the little rice rolls down his shirt when we got home…

It was a windy, gloomy morning

We hit the brown sand, black sand and white sand beaches

The next morning, we made one last trip to a beach before packing up and heading out.This one was Samyang Black Sand beach near Jeju city. We got there fairly early and there weren’t very many people, but as the morning progressed over the next hour or so they started setting up for some sort of sailing event. There were teams of people in wetsuits and cute silicone booties and they did some warmups and stretches on the beach before setting up their boats. It was funny to watch them. Landon had fun playing in the sand and running across the beach after his ball, but after awhile he was over it (he did not get enough sleep the night before) and so we left. The waves were tiny so no body surfing for mom, and the water was “too cold” for dad.

Here is the rock…. impressive, right?

On our way to the airport, we stopped by the Yongduam dragon rock. It is famous in Jeju and there are many legends surrounding it. There were a zillion tour buses there and so Austin parked on the street and I went to investigate. Landon had fallen asleep in the car. It was formed by wind and waves eroding the lava rock. The legend goes like this: a dragon stole precious jade from Mt. Halla and was shot down by an arrow shot by the mountain god. As he fell, his body went into the ocean and his head froze looking up at the sky. For all the hoopla surrounding this place, the rock itself was fairly underwhelming, although I’m glad I went to snap a picture so we at least have it as a memory of one of the most famous things on Jeju.   


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