Jeju Island- Seogwipo harbor, market, and World Cup stadium

This photo was taken at night. Somehow we didn’t end up with a pic of the bridge itself… but we were there during the day

On the same day as the waterfalls, we took some time to wander around the little city on the southern part of Jeju Island and crossed a big bridge over to a small island right in the harbor. There were interesting things to see, and less tourists because, well, we weren’t necessarily at places of interest to tour buses full of Chinese tourists.

First we crossed over the bridge. Landon loved pointing out all of the boats. There were submarine tours leaving from here, but we just didn’t have the heart to look how much they would cost. Maybe when Landon is a little older and would geek out about it as much as we would…

This port was right by the parking lot for Cheonjiyeon falls
Boys on a bridge

Waves on the break water… before typhoon waves started coming in

Little piece of islet

We walked over the bridge to a little islet. I don’t think I had ever walked to an islet before. It was one of several and from the looks of the signs that were on the islet, each islet has different levels of vegetation and animals on it. The other islets were further out in the ocean. The one we walked to used to only be accessible at low tide by walking across rocks that lined the harbor. People lived there until the 1960s.

Freshwater waterfall on the islet

This islet was fairly large and had trees and a path to walk around it. It was not stroller friendly so we passed on that. 

 After Jeongbang falls, we drove around Seogwipo for a bit trying to find a “food street”. They had them on the tourist map, but the signs in the town did not match up quite right. We ended up finding the market instead, which turned out to be better anyway.

First, we walked down to the end of the market. These Jejuian bigger than life-size kids were there to greet us, and to put their creepy hands strangely close to Landon’s face in the pictures. Landon missed the market- he was asleep.

There were the typical fruits and veggies near to the entrances. It was all indoors and there were several branches off to each side. We explored them all and ended up getting lunch as well while we were there. Here are some fish they were selling…

These silver fish were SO shiny and I had never seen them before

I am beginning to understand why Koreans eat so much seafood. They live on a peninsula and their country has been invaded numerous times, undoubtedly making farming more difficult, although there are still lots of farms. The ocean is always there and full of nutritious food. They eat a lot of abalone here. Austin ate an abalone too. We will talk about that later.

And sea cucumbers, they eat those too. I’m not sure how they prepare them though.

Kimchis… So many kinds!

We got some yummy tangerines, cucumbers, and bananas for us to munch on during our little vacation. For lunch, I purchased some fried chicken in a sweet sauce, and Austin got a Korean not sushi rice, egg and ham roll and a rice dumpling spicy soup. Both were pretty delish. The best part is that we got to eat them in a little corner park in Seogwipo with Landon asleep for part of the time, listening to this hippy man playing a wooden flute that he and his hippy woman partner were trying to sell. They also made jewelry.

I’m pretty sure this was a bowl of pig snouts. If anyone knows what it really is, please let me know!

This was a cool operation going on in the market. There was a man in the back with a big mixer mixing up dough for these fried pastries. The woman was forming the dough into balls and putting it out to rise on the pans in front. When they were done rising, we went over to the fryer in and fried up the dough, then put it back out on the table to sell. It was just cool to see the whole process in the 45 seconds I was watching while Austin was buying his lunch.

After the market, Landon woke up and we decided to head back to the hotel. On the way, we stopped by E-mart, which is similar to Wal-Mart in that it has everything for fairly good prices. Even pizza. Anyway, E-mart was backyard neighbors with the Jeju World Cup stadium, so even though Austin is not a huge soccer fan, we checked out the stadium.

The stadium was right on the ocean, and I imagine if I was sitting in the upper seats, I would spend more time looking out over the water than watching the actual game! There is a local team that plays here in a Korean soccer league. Also important to note- I had never been to a World Cup stadium in my life until coming to Korea, and now, during the World Cup in Brazil, I have visited 2 of them. Funny how life is sometimes. 

Landon wanted to get out and run around a bit, so we let him. There was a basketball hoop and exercise area right outside the stadium, so he gravitated towards that area. We didn’t have a ball, so Austin showed him how a see-saw works. 

Landon was just a lucky guy today because a gate was open so we could take a peek inside from inside the fence! Also, there was a tractor watering the grass, and Landon loves tractors so he was excited about that as well. I am hoping to be able to take Landon to a baseball game soon because I think he will really enjoy it at this stage in his young life. Maybe enough to sit still and watch for a few innings.


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