Jeju Island- Jusangjeolli Cliffs

Landon is saying “Up!” “Up!” because he wants to go back to safety

Our second afternoon and night in Jeju were a bit of a bummer. We went down to the beach in the afternoon and learned that the beach was being closed because of the typhoon coming in. The waves were not HUGE but they were big and Landon was frightened to go near the water. I went in for awhile just watching the waves and catching a few (with arms overhead to protect my neck from a sand-dive) before the police came and told me to keep out of the water. There were tons of surfers out there enjoying the waves, but I guess I didn’t have a board so I wasn’t allowed. It was ok with me because the beach where I was trying to bodysurf was a little too steep and the waves were crashing right onto sand. It was probably not safe. It was still a bummer though because this was the purpose of the trip (at least for me). I don’t get to bodysurf very often.

Jusangjeolli Cliffs
The waves were pretty big

Landon, meanwhile, had a grand time playing with the sand toys provided by the Hyatt including a big truck and boat. There was another little Korean boy whose parents spoke ok English that came to play with Landon. They occasionally had a hard time sharing- they were around the same age- but in all had fun scooping sand into pails and pushing the truck and boat around. We also checked out the outdoor pool- which was freezing- and the outdoor hot tub, which was the perfect temperature for Landon to play and play.

The next morning, we thought the typhoon was coming but it turned out to be a sunny day, so we started off. First stop was to the Jusangjeolli cliffs, which were about 5 minutes away from our hotel. These cliff formations were reminiscent of Giant’s Causeway in the UK, but I think they are newer. Anyway, polygonal columns of lava form when the lava contracts very quickly after flowing down to the ocean. It was a cool cliff face but Landon was not ok with the big waves splashing up against the rocks. He had to walk down to the viewing platform because there were stairs and he walked down and walked right back up. He was not in a good mood.

Landon still not thrilled with life

Then we found this boat for him to climb on

Hey, there’s our hotel!

These lava rock mounds were everywhere on the island

There was a giant shell to sit in for pictures

After the cliffs we decided to take a little walk with Landon because that usually calms him down. There are walking paths called “Olle” all the way around the island along the coast. We found one and followed it for awhile. Austin didn’t realize that it continued all the way around the island, so when I explained that to him he wanted to turn back. Ha!

There were tons of tourists at this spot, especially since it was sunny outside. It was also very muggy and we found ourselves drenched in sweat without really exerting any energy. We bought some postcards and “Jeju” ice creams and went on our way to our last waterfall!

This is a Korean ice cream cone. The cone is made out of corn so it is not as sweet as normal ice cream cones, but still refreshing on a hot day!


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