Jeju Island- Date Night

Some of our spread

At our hotel, they offered babysitting at the same rate as we normally pay babysitters, so we took advantage of the opportunity and had a date night! The babysitter also worked downstairs at the pool, so she was super excited when she saw Landon again the next day. I think Landon had fun and she did too. I know Austin and I certainly did.

One specific type of Korean restaurant that Austin and I really enjoy is a restaurant where you order raw meat and you have a fire at your table and you cook the meats yourself. Along with the meat, they bring out several different types of kimchi, salads, seafood, lettuce leaves, sesame oil and salt for dipping and other interesting tidbits. I’m sure Koreans think it is hilarious when we have no clue what to do, but I have to say we are getting the hang of it the more we go to these types of places. Due to the open flame and low tables, this type of restaurant is a hard one to go to with Landon. Usually one of us has to man the fire and cook the food while the other one scarfs down the kimchi and salad and rice and keeps Landon out of the fire and focused on eating his dinner. So, it was very relaxing to just go and experience one of these places without having to worry about a toddler burning his face off.

The only thing we didn’t try was the crab- we couldn’t figure out how to get it out of the shell, and it seemed like it was raw!

Austin demonstrating his chopsticks skills

All around fun experience- Thank you chopsticks for helping me lose weight by not being able to feed myself!

The restaurant- these low tables are killer without little pads to sit on

Outside the restaurant- look at the cute pig!

Black pork is famous on Jeju Island. I’m pretty sure it’s just pigs that have black skin, but the pig meat was delicious. Austin ordered neck meat and I ordered thinly sliced beef. In this joint, the servers also helped us man the fire so we didn’t ruin everything. After we ordered, they started bringing all the sides out to the table, and then brought the coals. They put a lid on top of the coals and that’s what we cook on. Much to my chagrin, the waitress brought out an abalone and laid it meat up on the lid. Unfortunately I’m certain the poor thing was still alive because it was squirming in its shell for quite awhile before succumbing. I almost cried. I certainly lost my appetite for a time.

LOVE this guy… and date night!

The waitress came back and put some of our meat on. The essential tools for this meal include tongs for tending the meat, and scissors- they use these to cut up the meat into bite-sized pieces because we are eating with chopsticks and need to be able to pick up the pieces. She turned the abalone over to cook the other side, and added some other things to the fire that we didn’t know we were supposed to cook on the fire. It was nice to have a guide, even if they didn’t speak English. There are always garlic cloves to cook over the flame, and the waitress had a cool tip- place a lettuce leaf on the side of the lid and then put the meat on the lettuce leaf so they stop cooking if they are done but you aren’t ready for them yet. Although the abalone was certainly a hiccup, the rest of the meal was wonderful and we left full and happy that we were on a date! We capped it off with an “ice flake” which is a cross between a snow cone and a parfait. They put fruit and a fruit liquid in the bottom of a bowl, fill it with shaved ice, top it with sweetened milk and more fruit, and then you eat it. It is pretty yummy but a nice light, fun summer dessert.

Just had to post a picture of this guy in his new
speedo/reusable swim diaper and farmer’s tan.
I promise I put sunscreen on him.

Austin committed one of the photographer blunders- cutting off the tall guy’s head!

After dinner and dessert we went down to the beach to take some pictures of the typhoon waves. It was a fun date and I think Landon had fun too. 


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