Jeju Island- Jeongbang Falls

On our way to the falls, there was this cute lotus flower and lily pad pond. I started hearing noises that sounded like frogs, and we found several in the pond. Austin loves frogs so he was excited showing Landon all of the frogs in the pond. Landon couldn’t see them when they were camouflaged against the rocks, but did very well finding them only when he made a big noise and they plopped into the pond.

Showing Landon the frogs!

This waterfall went directly into the ocean! The water below the falls was so cold and so blue. We had to walk down steep stairs to the beach and on the way, we saw the Haenyeo- or female divers that free dive to harvest sea cucumbers, shellfish, and such from the ocean floor off the coast of Jeju. They take nets with them and have buoys with bells to help them reach the surface. After they get their catch for the day, they bring it up on the beach and sell it or in this case, they scoop it out of the shell or kill it somehow and serve it raw to customers that come along. Austin and I did not partake. I am not a big raw meat/shellfish/fish person. For some reason I even have trouble watching other people eat raw shellfish. I need to work on not judging them, but for now in my head I think “Heathens! Poor animal!” Same sort of thinking I have when the Koreans eat fermented squid for breakfast as I’m enjoying my waffles.

Haenyeo feeding people their raw foods.

To get closer to the falls you had to walk over some big boulders and rocks. I felt right at home after all of the times I have gone to the tidepools or other rocky places where rock hopping is something that needs to be done. Others were not fairing so well, but I guess Austin and I are also taller than most people here.

Family falls photo- too bad the portrait picture Landon is looking at the falls!

Jeongbang falls

The rocky beach right by the waterfall
Landon LOVED taking his shoes off and dipping his feet into the freezing cold water. I was so surprised because it was really cold and usually he shies away from running cold water but I really had to hold him to make sure he didn’t submerge himself/wash away. Landon can say waterfall “bawter ball” and was so excited to go to the other waterfalls that we saw. He also felt it was necessary to dip his feet at every waterfall, even the tiny ones that we crossed over while hiking later in the week. 


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