Jeju Island- First impressions

Austin is almost as big as the car!

Austin and I decided to take a little vacation on Jeju Island during his “long-off” week. We wanted to celebrate not owing the government any more money (in the form of my student loans). We are so happy to be done paying, and I am happy to report that I made over half of the pay-back money myself working in my field. Hooray! Austin had covered a shift for a co-worker and so he had one extra day to add to the week. Sunday, we walked across the street from our hotel to the airport and hopped on a plane to Jeju. The flight took about an hour, and then we rented the tiniest little car ever. We got a great deal on it, and surprisingly it does fit all of our luggage! It is called a Kia Morning, and it is surprising Austin fits in it. It is the perfect tourist car in that it can fit in any parking space with room to spare, and has a very tight turn radius that we have used on several occasions 🙂

Jeju’s nickname is the Hawaii of South Korea. Having been to the Big Island of Hawaii, I can see the similarities. The plant life here is different, but there is still beautiful, vibrant green vegetation every where, at least on the side of the island we are staying on right now.

The view from our level of the hotel

Because we live in hotels these days, we had some free nights with Hyatt. Austin jumped on it this month and was able to get 3 free nights at the Hyatt Regency in the Jungmun Resort complex. It is beautiful over here, although due to the wonderful beach and the close proximity of tons of luxury hotels there are also many canned museums and experiences and restaurants in the area. The hotel itself is older, and Austin thinks it used to be a Marriott due to its layout. It is an impressive hotel on an impressive piece of real estate though. There is a koi pond inside the lobby with little bridges going to restaurants. The whole hotel is a dome looking down onto the pond and the elevators are glass so you can see down into the lobby all the time. There is access to the main beach- Jungmoon/Jungmun beach from the hotel, and a cabana with towels, kid toys, and water down there for the guests. The outdoor pool is not heated, but it cool shaped and has a swim up bar. The outdoor pool and hot tub look out over the ocean as the hotel is situated on a cliff. The indoor pool also has big windows that look out on the ocean.

Jungmun beach…

As we were leaving Sunday, we realized that a typhoon was coming into the Jeju area this week. It should hit us overnight tonight and tomorrow with lots of rain and big huge waves. The big waves started yesterday- when we went to the beach, I got yelled at by the police because they said it was dangerous because the waves were too big. Being a swimmer and an ocean girl, I felt like arguing with them, but decided against it. I just stood there wading in the shallow water dying a little inside watching the big typhoon waves. However, I had read that the beach had bad riptides at times, and thought it would be better to heed their advice. They weren’t good for bodysurfing anyway because the big ones were breaking out too far and the smaller ones closer into the shore were breaking right onto the sand. There are lava rocks lining the beach on both ends with a coarse sand in the middle with bits of shell, lava rock, and brown rock in the sand particles. I found some cool shells, a sea urchin shell, and some sea glass and we played in the sand with Landon. He was super scared of the waves so eventually we had to pack it up and head to the pool, which Landon enjoyed immensely. He loves the pool!

Love the lava rocks 
Crazy waves

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