Jeju Island- Cheonjiyeon Falls

Our first stop on Jeju was the beautiful Cheonjiyeon Falls. We saw lots of these grandpa figures carved out of lava all around the island. They are meant to protect the villages. Left hand up means warrior, right hand up means scholar. 
Many of the tourists here on Jeju go around on tour buses and so there were waves of tourists going to the falls. It was a nice walk to see the falls from the parking lot and at times it was not too crowded. The Seogwipo side of Jeju is super green and lush with tons of plants and moss. There weren’t as many flowers as other tropical locales, but it was still gorgeous. 

We played with camera settings to get cool water effects

It’s a miracle! Landon is looking at the camera!

After we finished taking pictures, people wanted to take pictures with Landon. I joked with Austin that we should charge 1,000 won (about $1) to take pictures with Landon and we would make a fortune! Then, Austin got pulled away to take a picture with this guy. Maybe it was because he was tall?

More Landon photo ops… on the trail back to the parking lot

Back near the parking lot, we wanted to buy a little lava rock grandfather figure, and Austin got suckered into buying a ton of Jeju made chocolate for a good deal. It ended up working out great to bribe Landon to drink his medicine. He had 7 days of antibiotics for some sort of gastrointestinal bacterial infection, and had a hard time drinking the medicine and not spitting it all out. Any other suggestions on how to get him to swallow would be appreciated. Chocolate is working well.

The last bridge over to the parking lot was this cool bridge with little stepping stones that allowed the water to flow underneath. We saw 2 other waterfalls on this part of the island and they were all beautiful; I can’t pick a favorite.


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