Flowers of Reliance Greens

This post is for my sister, Claire, who loves to take close up pictures of flowers wherever we go. Last Sunday, Landon and I took a nature walk through the villas of the fancy part of Reliance Greens. First, we saw a whole bunch of peacocks, and Landon thinks their noises sound like cats, so he starts to meow. He also can say “peacock!” it sounds likes “gagock!”

Then I got down to business and took pictures of the flowers. These are just some of my favorites/ones that I have not seen before in the U.S.:

These are like the white tropical flowers that I have seen made out of foam on hair clips, except these are pink and white. They are all over the parks and out front of the recreation center.
Here is t he front of the Residency  where we are staying

Here is the inside of the lobby of the residency- pretty nice!

This flower is so interesting- the spines are REALLY poky, and then these delicate little round pink flowers on top

So many colors- I have posted pictures of this particular plant before- the colored parts look like leaves but are colorful, and then there are little flowers that bloom out of them

Tree flowers- we are investing in a better zoom lens soon, then we can capture more!
These are very fragile and open with the sun and close when the sun goes down

These look like irises, but they grow very large, but I think they are in the same family with a different bottom leaf shape

Landon can say flower, pronounced “bower” and water, pronounced “bahter”. He really is speaking a lot but will not say anything on skype with family! Oh well!


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