Hunting Elephants (for photos)

When Austin told me that he met the resident elephant, and that it was across the highway at the refinery, I was saddened. I wanted to see the elephant! So, imagine my surprise when Landon and I were walking back from the store the other day and there it was! Elephant with a bell around its neck walking down the street being led by a handler. We crossed the street to go back to the guesthouse, and the elephant passed within a few feet of us. I stopped walking so the elephant wouldn’t think we were charging it or anything. I think I was more excited than Landon.

Hi elephant! Don’t charge me please! Sorry for interrupting your dinner!

The big evidence!

Side view it was talking to the trainer guy, obviously

Just then a plan formulated in my head. We were about 5 minutes walk from the guesthouse. I would go grab our good camera, and Landon and I would go on an elephant hunt! We would track the elephant and take pictures. I headed towards the zoo because I thought this might be its final destination. On our way there, I spotted it in a field. Turns out, the elephant was being led there to eat some nice green grass. We took pictures and watched this humongous, majestic animal eat. She was gorgeous. We even made it back in time to not be late saying hi to Austin when he woke up for the day/night.


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