Outfitted in Jamnagar

Landon and I ventured into Jamnagar again to pick up the clothes that we ordered. The driver loves to show off Landon to all the other drivers. They put him on this car and took pictures on their cell phones. I think he is a little confused as to why he is on top of the car.

This is a camel car. They drive these on the roads here.

 When we got to the dress shop, my clothes weren’t ready yet- they were being sent over from the tailor.  So, we waited. Landon got antsy and our driver took him outside to play. He got to sit on a motorcycle! This kid gets whatever he wants because he is cute and everyone is enthralled with him. On a slightly related note, he also got to climb up inside the Reliance bus the other day just to check it out.

Outside of the dress shop

Inside the dress shop- lots of fabric!

Here are the son and daughter who help in the shop. The son knows English very well

Landon’s new kurta!
The process for making this tie-dye pattern is very interesting. First, they tie string around tiny parts of the material to be dyed. Then they dye it. Then they let the strings fall off/cut them off. I have been finding little balls of string all over because inevitably miss some! They also will weave gold (as below) thread or multi colored thread into the fabric. They had some kurtas with woven bottoms that were multicolored with polka dots. Not necessarily my scene. The son was trying to convince me to get them, telling me that it makes it look “more better” or richer to have fancy weaving and such in the fabrics of your top. I’m fine with my gold weaving in the kurta below- it has elephants!
One of my new outfits
I will post more outfit pics later, it is hard to track down Austin to get more pictures taken as he has approximately 1-2 hours of free time per day that is not spent sleeping or working. In other news, we will be done with this assignment by the end of next week, and again, have no idea where we are going!


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