Walking Tour of Reliance Greens

Austin reviewed the blog when he was awake during the middle of the night on his day off (keeping on his night work, day sleep schedule) and said more pictures, less words would be appreciated. The internet is so terrible that pictures are hard to upload, but here is goes.

On Sunday morning, after a great family sacrament meeting, Landon and I went on a walking tour of all the major places in Reliance Greens. I took pictures to share with all of you.

We begin with a nice picture of the flowers and the fence that surrounds Reliance Greens, keeping people out

More pretty multicolored flowers, with an apartment building in the background

Remember the movie The Truman Show? Remember how everything was just perfect and peachy in the town? That is what Reliance Greens feels like compared with other parts of India. I spoke with a little boy today at the park whose family moved here 2 years ago. His dad is a chemist at the refinery. He said that his family moved from 2 states away, and it took them 2 days to get here. That’s when our language barrier got the best of us, but I think most people would want to live here. The roads aren’t crowded, there are stop signs and lines on the road, people walking and biking all over, little kids going to art classes and karate classes and swimming in the swimming pools.

Pretty stork birds in one of  the parks. Kids like to play cricket here.

The main rec center that has a nice pool. Austin and I thought it was making us sick, but Landon was not affected and
swallowed the most water by far, so now we think it was the fresh veggies (stupid cucumbers!)

The lush vegetation by the lake that is almost dried up

I walked north to the very edge of the compound, which is also up a small hill. The terrain is fairly flat, with some tiny rolling hills, kind of like sand dunes. The climate is arid, so there are some trees, but mostly just dirt and dry brush.

A big ant hill

This is dedicated to my SEESTER Claire, who loves to take close up pics of flowers

Reliance Greens in the distance

The dirt that would be Reliance Greens if they didn’t water everything like crazy
Next, Landon and I went to the Hindu temple that is right next to central park. It is fairly small, and the men pray/sing in the temple, while the women usually gather to pray/sing on the lawn in front. There is a few trees that they pray to as well around the edges. 

Decoration leading to the temple

One of the trees with a Hindu god in front of it

 I left Landon in the stroller and walked a few paces to take the pictures above. When I came back, these 2 girls were taking care of Landon. The one in front was pretty sassy. She was trying to tell me that Landon was sucking on his fingers because he was thirsty. She kept opening up his water cup, and giving him some to drink, holding his mouth and tilting the bottle like you would with a small baby. It was pretty cute. I took some pictures and then was going to be on my way, but she took the stroller and wanted to walk around with it. She did a few laps almost running into things because she could not see over the top of the stroller. Finally I convinced her we needed to leave, and she took off with the stroller towards the street we were heading towards. Her grandma, now disturbed from her worship with the other women, came and took her away, telling her off in Hindi, I presume. She was a cute little girl, and will make a great mom one day!
The back of the Residency from Central Park

Lando playing with his truck in the park, I like it because there is plenty of shade!

More park playing

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