Baby Things, or Lack Thereof in Reliance Greens

We are staying in the VIP hotel, which is usually reserved for contractors coming in from out of town to help with the refinery in some way. It makes sense that most of the time, children aren’t invited along (again, so happy Austin works for the company he does). They don’t have cribs, they don’t have high chairs, and they don’t have a bathtub.

Our solutions are pretty simple. Landon is learning to sleep in a big boy twin bed, with big pillows on either side to help him not fall off.

We bought a tie chair in expectation that something like this would happen. Unfortunately, the chairs are a little low, so his little chin barely makes it over the top of the table. He still manages to feed himself some food, but I find he says he is “done” way sooner than in his high chair. And then he wants to eat the world once we get back to our room.

No bath is actually a good thing, since I was worried about him swallowing bad water during bath time. He doesn’t particularly enjoy showers, but there was this bucket left in the shower. I’m not sure what it is supposed to be used for, so if anyone can enlighten me, that would be great. What I use it for is shoving my toddler son in it to bathe him. Now he knows what to do at bath time, and gets his bucket, brings it over to the spout to get some water in it, and climbs right inside. We do this every night, because it is so sticky outside and Landon is filthy from being able to actually play outside.

The bucket bath!

Austin started working the night shift a few days ago. Shifts are 12 hours long either way, so even if he was on the day shift, he and Landon would not see very much of each other. It does make it difficult for me because it is in the 90s outside with high humidity, and Austin is sleeping in our room. There are a few other places with air conditioning, including the hotel lobby, but Landon likes to go outside and run up and down the ramps and look at the fish instead of staying in the nice cool lobby. The rest of the hotel is open air, so it is hot everywhere! We usually start the day with breakfast with Austin, followed by a long walk/run where I go exploring and pick up needed things from the store. We come back, play for a little bit, then have lunch. Nap time follows and then a little more exploring. Austin wakes up just in time to get ready to go to dinner, and then he’s off to work.

It may be surprising, but it is hard to have nothing to do! We eat meals in the cafeteria, our laundry is done by the hotel, and housekeepers clean our room everyday. I have none of my usual tasks to do during the day. I also am not working, which tended to break up the day nicely. I am in the process of making a schedule for myself (of things to teach Landon, etc) to help me focus my efforts a little better. Also, I am very excited for the General Conference of the LDS church this weekend. We will probably start watching it Sunday morning (the 1st session starts around 10:00 pm here on Saturday) and go through Monday. What a treat!

A pretty bush I found while exploring-there are flowers inside of the flowers!

4 thoughts on “Baby Things, or Lack Thereof in Reliance Greens

  1. Isn't that funny? You'd think not having any of those things to do would be so nice, but it makes you crazy! Love the bath idea. That pic is hilarious! Love you guys!


  2. China doesn't have bath tubs either, kinda killed me at first, but we've gotten used to it. We shower with Peter half the time, and baby bath tub the other half. Although, there were a couple of times when I didn't want to hold him that I pulled his high chair into the shower with me. It was one of those plastic Ikea ones, so it was great. We also have a bucket in our shower- but we use it to put water down the toilet when it doesn't flush….hopefully you don't have that problem. It's good you can go outside and that Landon is old enough to play outside. As Peter grows, outside is more fun. Keep writing, it's fun to read your experiences.


  3. Sorry I'm commenting on everything tonight, and double commenting, but I just thought of something. Check out (in for India). We use for tons of things here. It's great, they can deliver free to your door and pay in cash (just click the box that says “Fulfilled By Amazon” on the left hand side after you start looking at a specific category and then it will only show you the cash on delivery options). It's a life-saver for us. We can find things on there that we can't find at the stores, or buy things that we don't want to lug back home with use. I always buy diapers in bulk on amazon. Email me if you have any questions.


  4. Robin- just got started! They have good deals on diapers, but just bought a pack at the store (a short walk from our hotel) and so I think we're set for this trip. If we are here for longer, we will definitely be using it as it gets more established here. Austin just ordered some headphones and a watch from amazon so we'll see how it goes. No flushing problems as of yet, although I hope nobody else has used the bucket for that purpose 🙂 After venturing into Jamnagar, we are extremely sheltered in our place here, and I'm ok with that 🙂


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