California Dreamin’ Day 1- The Park

2 weeks ago we flew to California for a last “goodbye” trip to see my family before heading out for India. We had every intention of visiting both California and Denver prior to our date of April 18th, but with everything moved up, we just got the California trip in.

That said, I am thankful I have family in CA! It was gorgeous, like 70-80 degrees at the beach gorgeous, and the one rainstorm they had left the earth partially renewed and little buds of grass were coming up everywhere. We were able to wear shorts and T-shirts, and spent as much time as we could outdoors in the warmth.

Head First!

The first day, we went to the park with Landon. I do not have a sun hat that fits him (just beanies for Chicago artic cold!) and so I sunscreened his scalp, leaving him with wild boy hair. He enjoyed the big kid play structure the most, climbing up to the very top to go down the big slide. This kid is fearless right now.

 We also walked down to the lake, which is really low right now due to the drought. It is only about half full, and Landon wanted to see the ducks and geese. They went into the water when we walked down, though. Landon stood by the edge of the lake for a long time, and then took tiny steps forward until OOPS, his feet were in the lake with his shoes on. He is kind of a turd sometimes.



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