Currently, we are sitting in the Newark, NJ airport waiting for our flight to Milan. On our way here from Chicago, we saw the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. From the airplane, the Statue of Liberty seemed fairly tiny. Maybe we can come back and really visit one day.

Our trip to Chicago was very successful; 2 job interviews and 5 condo/townhouse showings later, we think we have our place to live and I have two part-time jobs lined up for when we get back. We put in our application to live in a townhouse with a view out onto a grassy area with trees, and a lake beyond that. It backs up to a forest preserve with miles of walking/biking/running trails. On our walk in the preserve, we saw 3 deer and multiple ducks/geese/squirrels. I think I will like the Elk Grove Village/Schaumburg area a lot more than I originally thought.

We are traveling to Milan with just what we can carry on our backs. Hopefully I don’t get sick of wearing the same 4 outfits (+ mixing and matching) over and over again.

My very full backpack
Austin is so excited for our trip!


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