Italy Itinerary and Suggestions…

We finally bought our tickets to Italy! Austin is excited to go back to several places he served on his mission, but spending the majority of our time in the bottom half of Italy that Austin knows nothing about. Thus, this blog post. I know several friends or others that have been to Italy, and would love suggestions for cities/sights/things we should not miss while we are there. Here is our loosely put together itinerary:

Day 1-3: Milan
Day 4: Genoa
Day 5-6: San Remo/Monaco
Day 7: Cinque Terre/ La Spezia
Day 8: Pisa/ Firenze
Day 9: Siena
Day 10-11: Rome
Day 12: Messina
Day 13: Catania
Day 14: Palermo
Day 15: Napoli- Amalfi/Pompei
Day 16: Napoli- Caserta/Benevento
Day 17: Napoli/Bologna
Day 18: Rimini/San Marino
Day 19: Venice
Day 20: Bergamo/ Lecco
Day 21: Lecco/Bellagio/Como

Suggestions on places we missed and should not have, sights to see in these places, etc would be greatly appreciated.

Can’t wait to be here:


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