Colorado Adventures… the Butterfly Pavilion

Yesterday we decided to get out of the house and go to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, CO. It is an invertebrate zoo, so along with butterflies there were other cool bugs and spiders! I think we were one of about 3 couples we saw the whole time that weren’t there with their little children.

First, we went into a room with lots of little cages with different bugs. They had like 20 different kinds of tarantulas! Most of them are from Brasil. I held Rosie the Tarantula and got a sticker afterwards to prove it. My favorite, however, were the camouflage bugs because it took a long time of staring at the cage to figure out where they were. There was a bug that looked like a half dying leaf. That one was the trickiest.

Next we went into the actual butterfly pavilion, which looked like a mini tropical rainforest. It was very hot and humid in there because most of the butterflies live in humid climates. There were butterflies flying around ALL OVER THE PLACE. It was like a little fairy land. Austin was really thrilled to have his picture taken.

This was one of my favorite butterflies. It is also endangered. These guys look really cool when they are flying around. 

Austin thought that if we sat very still butterflies would land on us. One landed on my head while we were walking, but I guess I didn’t sit still enough because Austin had one land on his hand. It just so happened this was the hand the camera was in as well, so I had to sneakily slide the camera strap around to take a picture of this one. 

The whole time we were there, I was wishing that this kid… my adorable little sister… was there with us. I miss her. 


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